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Knowing Yourself Liberates Everything

Kyle Noel, a multi-talented musician who plays drums, percussion and steel pan. A virtuoso steelpan player best known for his use of the four sticks technique, a smooth, passionate and expressive style.  His music career spans over twenty-five years and he has performed in many events as well as, participated and won many talent competitions in his native island of Trinidad and Tobago.  He has performed alongside with world renowned musicians such as Len 'Boogsie' Sharp, Calton 'Zander' Alexander, Raf Robertson and his mentor, Earl Rodney. These endeavors paved the way for global exploration in which he displayed his unique musical talent.
Kyle is a known performer, but he is also a prolific innovator in the steel pan fraternity. His personal steelpan is like no other with its range from A3 to Bb5.  In a time where chromed pans are vastly seen, Kyle chose to powder coat his steelpan in Royal purple.
Mr. Noel is an exceptional Composer, Producer and Arranger and is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Black Carpet Movement Productions. There he created the opportunities to work with Calypso and Soca artists such as Kurt Allen, Marvay, Daryl 'Farmer Nappy' Newton and many others.
Kyle has also been a Musical Director for theatre productions such as Eric The Musical, A Brighter Sun, Sundar, The Pearl and many others. His musical influences are Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Ravi Shankar, Aldwin ‘Lord Kitchener ' Roberts to name a few in those music genres.  Through those experiences Kyle was able to explore different genres and shared his knowledge.
Kyle further ventured into becoming a Music Instructor at the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago for ten years.  Within those years he also served at the BpTT Music workshop program for two years.
There he taught the module of Steelpan techniques. Mr. Noel is currently working on projects that will introduce a new sound of steel pan recordings with dynamic frequencies, smooth and cleverly arranged compositions.  The objective is to inspire one to see the infinite possibilities of being a Caribbean citizen, when expressing your truth using your talents with excellence.  He believes your truth cannot be told but only shown and when you truly discover self, possibilities are made clear.  Knowing Yourself Liberates Everything!